July 9, 2020

Steps to Get Treated for Alcoholism while Living in California

By Chad Cole
graph of alcoholism in california

Do you need help with your alcohol addiction? Various sober living homes in Los Angeles can help you. With the help of the following treatments, you can overcome your alcohol addiction while living in California.

  • Drug and Alcohol Detox

This treatment involves medical detoxification wherein illicit substances are removed in a person’s body. Take note that doing a detox from alcohol and drugs can be dangerous. So, you must seek the help of experts. This program is only performed by licensed physicians to protect patients from the harmful effects of alcohol or drug withdrawal. Sobriety can begin in this treatment.

  • Residential Treatment

It is important for the alcohol rehabilitation process. In residential treatment, the patient will be handle by licensed psychiatric and medical physicians for assessment of co-occurring trauma, mental illnesses as well as other drug addiction treatments. In this program, the patient can meet addiction counselors for individual therapy sessions, join in group therapy, and engage in other experiential therapies and support groups.

  • Inpatient Alcohol Rehab

With this program, the client can get psychotherapeutic support and round-the-clock medical monitoring. It is ideal for those who suffer from alcohol addiction for a long time.

  • Outpatient Addiction Treatment

Outpatient addiction treatment provides the patient to continue treatment while living at home, working, going to school, or living in sober living. A great example of a program that provides this is the Transcend Recovery Community base in Los Angeles, California. Patients can continue with their group therapies and cognitive behavior therapy. With the help of this treatment, the patient can have a sober, independent, and sustainable living.

Signs that a Person Must be Treated for Alcoholism

The following are some signs that a person must get treatment for alcoholism.

  • Lying about drinking

Alcohol addicts tend to lie about their drinking habits. They can hide bottles in the house because they know that it can’t be socially acceptable.

  • Drinking all-day

Alcohol addicts can drink all day, especially in the morning, at work, and night.

  • Poor performance at school or work

Drinking problems can lead to a sudden drop in the performance of a person at work or school.

  • Dangerous behavior

Due to drinking, alcoholics may put themselves and other people in danger. Unfortunate situations may occur like driving under the influence, negligence, violent behavior, and more.

  • Lack of interest in activities and friends

If a person is under the control of alcohol, he or she can lose interest in their family, friends, and other activities. It can also result to lack of motivation, which can lead to low productivity.

  • Inability to quit drinking

Alcoholic behavior can make a person find it hard to quit drinking.

Once you observed these signs to your family member or friend, it is time for her or him to get treated for alcoholism. Before it gets worse, the patient must seek help from an alcohol addiction treatment center. Some sober living homes in Los Angeles include Hotel California By The Sea, Summit Estate Recovery Center, Monarch Shores, and more. With the help of sober living homes, the patient can overcome addiction and improve his or her quality of life.