Forming a Contemplative in Action: A Profile of a Formed Jesuit for Asia Pacific

The Six Interrelated Dynamics of Jesuit Formation

Our Jesuit life is a call to apostolic service under the banner of the cross. This way of proceeding is our pathway to God. The grace we receive from God is for the salvation and spiritual good of both ourselves and others. The apostolic service of the Society of Jesus is the principle that regulates the entire formation of our members.

“Mediocrity has no place in Ignatius’ world view,” former Jesuit General Peter-Hans Kolvenbach famously said. It is therefore essential to give young Jesuits a human, spiritual, intellectual, and ecclesial formation as deep, strong, and vibrant as possible to allow each of them to achieve our mission in the world with a proper attitude of service in the Church.

This Profile details what we hope Jesuits being formed in Asia Pacific would be growing towards, and is intended for use by both Jesuits in formation and those who accompany them.

To download the Profile, click here.