Theme 1: Jesuit Institutions and Lifestyle

Jesuits are asked to be ecologically aware in the management of our institutions and houses, to be more accountable for our immediate environment.

We are working with Jesuit institutions and communities across the Conference to raise awareness of sustainable ecological management and maintenance practices such as campus environment management. We are also developing a collective and comprehensive manual on the environmental accountability of management and social participation, and encouraging dialogue and discussion of environmental responsibility issues in our communities and institutions.

Key programmes

Growing a Green Campus

Growing green campuses is a new frontier for Jesuit educational institutions. We can take the lead by implementing more integrated and sustained environmental management practices in our schools and universities, and influencing others to do the same by engaging all sectors and stakeholders in the process.

According to the Social Justice and Ecology Secretariat, Jesuit educational institutions are becoming increasingly aware of the importance of environmental management. Several of these are in the Asia Pacific region and include Xavier University in Cagayan de Oro City, Philippines, Sanata Dharma University in Yogyakarta, Indonesia and Akademi Tehnik Mesin Industri (ATMI) in Solo, Indonesia.

To assess how green your educational institution is, download the Green Campus Management Checklist.

Jesuit Community and Lifestyle

Jesuits are encouraged to practice environmental management in our own houses and checklists have been developed to help individual Jesuit houses and communities do so.

To assess your how environmentally friendly your house management system is, download the Ecological House Management Checklist.