GC 36 News #2

General Congregation 36

The end of a generalate

Fr Frederico Lombardi with Fr_General Adolfo NicolásThe resignation of Fr General Adolfo Nicolás on the first day of the 36th General Congregation was a profoundly moving event for all who witnessed this historic moment. Eight years ago, Fr Nicolás had been elected by a General Congregation; now, in October 2016, he needed to present his request to leave office to another General Congregation. He spoke briefly, simply and humbly, about his poor health, his failing energy and his increasingly unreliable memory. The Society, he said, needs someone with more energy and health to lead it in the complex world we live in. He ended his speech and left the dais of the presider to thunderous, prolonged applause and the first of three standing ovations from the clearly moved delegates. More

Interviews with some JCAP delegates

Fr Mark Raper SJ
Fr Mark Raper
JCAP President

Fr Brian McCoy SJ
Fr Brian McCoy
Provincial, Australian Jesuit Province
Fr John Che-chon Chong SJ
Fr John Che-chon Chong
Provincial, Korean Jesuit Province

Fr Antonio Moreno SJ
Fr Antonio Moreno
Provincial, Philippine Jesuit Province

Fr Joaquim Sarmento SJ
Fr Joaquim Sarmento
Delegate, Timor-Leste Jesuit Region

Discerning the future of the Society of Jesus

Jesuit General Congregation delegates walking to St Peter's Basilica for mass on 7 Oct 2016Rain poured down on the Jesuits as they walked to St Peter’s Basilica for Mass.  It was early on the morning of the fifth day of General Congregation 36. Some might say it was a blessing from heaven as they headed, as many pilgrims have already done this year, to the Holy Door for the Jubilee Year of Mercy. Since the resignation of Fr Adolfo Nicolás as Superior General on October 3, they have spent the days on De Statu, a draft and prepared document describing the Society of Jesus in the world of today, and considered in varying groups the needs of the Society over the coming decade and the qualities desired in the next Superior General. More

A Jesuit missionary story to pray with for GC 36

"Tak lelah bersinar"

SAV Puskat, the audio-visual centre of the Indonesian Jesuit Province, has re-released a video to enrich prayers for the Society of Jesus and the success of General Congregation 36.  The video entitled "Tak lelah bersinar" ("Never stop shining" in English) features the theme song and images from “Bethlehem van Java”, SAV Puskat’s award-wining film on the life of Fr Franciscus van Lith SJ, a Jesuit missionary from the Netherlands, who pioneered the Catholic mission in Java and is fondly called the Father of Javanese Catholics. More

Some hopes for GC 36

GC 36 Opening Session

At this General Congregation, the Jesuits will be electing a new Superior General to lead the Society of Jesus. Before they left for Rome, some delegates from the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific spoke of their hopes for General Congregation 36.  Read a summary of the hopes expressed by Fr Mark Raper, Fr Brian McCoy, Fr John Chong Che-chon, Fr Antonio Moreno and Fr Joaquim Sarmento here. 

From the Australian Province GC 36 blog

GC 36 Morning Prayer

There are four Australians in General Congregation 36 - Fr Brian McCoy (Provincial), Fr Steven Curtin SJ, Brother Ian Cribb, and Fr Mark Raper (JCAP President).  Read the first two blog posts.

Praying for the Holy Spirit's guidance by Fr Brian McCoy

The music of the Spirit by Fr Steven Curtin

Prayer, reflection and conversation

GC 36 Morning prayer  Fr Brian McCoy, Provincial of the Australian Jesuits, shares an update on October 7, after four full days of General Congregation 36.  Read the update here.