GC 36 News #4

General Congregation 36

The General Council takes shape with elections and appointments

Fr General Sosa with the new Assistants ad Providentiam

One month into General Congregation 36, the delegates have elected four Assistants ad Providentiam – Fr Fratern Masawe, Fr Vernon D’Cunha, Fr Douglas Marcouiller and Fr John Dardis.  Fr Marcouiller was also elected as Admonitor to the Superior General.  As Assistants ad Providentiam, their function is to assist the Superior General on behalf of the whole Society. The assistance ranges from external matters “such as clothing, food and any expenditure touching upon the General’s person”, preventing him “from going beyond measure in labours or excessive severity”, and attending “to his soul in case necessity might arise”.  More

In conversation with Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ

Father General Arturo Sosa's interview with GC 36Within 48 hours of his election as the 31st Superior General of the Society of Jesus, Fr Arturo Sosa SJ sat down for an extensive interview with the GC36 media team in Rome. Having received 30 questions in advance, he faced the cameras on the afternoon of Sunday, October 16. The aim of the interview was to give Father General an opportunity to present and share some insights of what he had in mind at the start of his new mission in the Society of Jesus at the universal level.  More

Pope Francis visits GC 36

Pope Francis visits the aula

Pope Francis joined the delegates of General Congregation 36 in the aula on October 24. There is a well-established tradition that on the occasion of a Jesuit General Congregation, the Holy Father meets with the delegates and this has happened as an audience in the rooms of the Vatican. This Jesuit Pope chose to go to the Jesuit Curia to meet his Jesuit brothers. He was greeted upon arrival by Father General Arturo Sosa and the superior of the Jesuit Roman Curia community Fr Joaquín Barrero and led to the aula where he joined the delegates for morning prayer.  More

Reflections from JCAP delegates

Australian Provincial Fr Brian McCoy and Indonesian Provincial Fr Sunu Hardiyanta share their reflections on Pope Francis' visit to the General Congregation and his message to the Society of Jesus.

Fr Brian McCoy SJ
Walking together
| Trying something new 
by Fr Brian McCoy SJ
Fr Sunu Hardiyanta SJ
 To ask insistently for consolation 

by Fr Sunu Hardiyanta SJ