Some 40 Jesuits met with Pope Francis at the Nunciature in Manila during his Philippines visit.  All were ecstatic at the invitation. I was privileged to be among them.  From the beginning, the meeting was very much that of brother Jesuits coming together. Provincial Tony Moreno SJ opened the meeting saying that Francis had been met by 40 elephants in Sri Lanka and here in Manila he was met by 40 Jesuits. To which Francis replied, "The elephants were more colourfully dressed."
During Advent we are invited to remember that God came to us in Jesus.  We are invited to live in hope and to remain alert for his second Coming at the end of time. The early Christians thought this second Coming would be soon, but we have been waiting for more than 2,000 years and perhaps some of us have become less alert to this possibility.   Yet God did come and is among us now.  Between God’s historic coming in Jesus and the final coming of Jesus is the eternal now of God. God lives among us now, and He will come to bring this world to completion.