Fr John Mace bids Asia farewell after decades of service

For Fr John Mace SJ, Cambodia was but the last way station in a decades-long journey in service of the Society of Jesus and the universal mission in Asia.  He had spent the last four years serving as Secretary to the Delegate of the Korean Provincial to the Jesuit mission in Cambodia.

Living on borrowed prosperity

Asia Pacific has been dubbed the world’s engine of growth, but at what and whose cost?

China has been hailed by the world as an economic success story. Three decades of uninterrupted growth has lifted more than 600 million people out of poverty, and although there are still roughly 150 million people living in poverty in the country, China’s economic success is the envy of the developing world.

Rest in peace

Fr Andrew Lee Sung-gyoon SJ, the new director of Yiutsari, the Jesuit migrant centre in Korea, reflects on the death of a young Thai migrant worker in Korea and what it says about Korean society.

On February 8, sad news of the death of a young Thai worker came to me. I rushed to the hospital to meet his relatives and friends. According to them, this young man had been too weak to work and had gone to a small local hospital. Several days ago before his death, he decided to go to the general hospital and was hospitalised but he died one day later.

2015 at a glance

15 to 19 January: Pope Francis visits the Philippines

Set aflame by Magis

Go, set the world on fire! On January 3, 70 young people, set out to do just that in their home countries – Cambodia, Korea, Myanmar, Macau, Taiwan, Thailand, Timor-Leste and Indonesia – after nine days spent in the first Magis JCAP, held at Omah Petroek in Kaliurang Yogyakarta. 

An opportunity to learn about the migrant worker situation in Korea

The Korean Jesuit Province is offering a programme to help scholastics and brothers-in-formation understand the real situation of migrants in an industrialised society like Korea, and the urgency of the issues they face. The programme will be run by Yiutsari, the Jesuit migrant centre located in Gimpo.  

60 years of Jesuit life and service in Korea

As they mark the 60th anniversary of the Society of Jesus in Korea this year, the Jesuits in Korea have been reviewing and reflecting on the past and the present, and will soon be discussing the future they see for their Province.

The celebratory activities began with a mass of gratitude at the Jesuit Apostolic Center in Seoul on July 31, the Feast of St Ignatius of Loyola. Then, on every first Wednesday from September to December, they held seminars to reflect on Ignatian spirituality, the Constitutions, and the Spiritual Exercises.

Collaborating for peace and justice in Japan and Korea

The Japan and Korea Jesuit Provinces took collaboration a step further in September by holding their first plenary meeting of Jesuits and collaborators working in the social apostolate of the two provinces. The meeting took place on Jeju Island, in conjunction with the 2015 Gangjeong Peace Conference.

Looking back on the Arrupe Month

Korean Jesuit Mincheol Kim was ordained deacon on September 5. Before his ordination, he went to Taiwan for his Arrupe Month, a period of reflection and discussion that prepares Jesuit scholastics for ordination. He shares three fruits of his Arrupe Month experience from July 16 to August 8.

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