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Jesuits in Asia Pacific News: New Year message

Companions of Jesus in the new year

Shepherds visit Chinese drawing

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Jesuits in Asia Pacific eNews: December 2012

From the President

A message at Christmas

Giotto Flight into EgyptLove is born in the most unlikely places.  A star gives hope to the most unlikely witnesses. Gifts are carried by the most unlikely guests.

Even at heavy year’s end, the Christ Child’s coming may evoke in us love, hope and gift.

We may see our lives and events inside the mysteries of Christ. The joys, hopes, sorrows and anxieties of our times are celebrated in the birth of Christ.  He entered our lives so that we might enter his.  He became what we are so we might become what he is.  He is present in the places where we have always been. May we enter his mystery so that he may enter our lives.  Read more.


Missioned to the Conference

JCAP logoThe Conference team is expanding and strengthening.  Consultations between the President and Provincials over several months have resulted in the missioning of Jesuits from various Provinces to core positions in the Conference.  This generosity of spirit will greatly help the Conference to keep the Society in Asia Pacific oriented towards the service of faith and the promotion of justice.  Read more.

From the Provinces

Timor Leste school on track to open in January

Jesuit school in Timor LesteColégio de Santo Inácio de Loiolá, the new Jesuit secondary school in Timor Leste, is on track to open as scheduled on January 15, with its first batch of students in Year 7. On December 15, 79 boys and girls were informed they were successful in their application to the school. They had undergone a three-stage selection process that began in August.  Read more.

From the Provinces

Whither the way in education

JSC mini-school in village in OudongThe Jesuits and partners in Cambodia continue to discern the way forward in education.  In October, four educators from the various parts of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific visited Cambodia as part of the Cambodian Mission’s Preparatory Planning Mission (PPM) team.  The local members of the PPM included three Jesuits, Frs OH Indon and Gabby Lamug-Nanawa and Br Ham Toeun, and two partners, Sr Ljudmila Anzic (Salesians) and Br Terry Heinrich (Marists).  Read more.

Other Jesuit News

The Ignatian Way

Fr James Martin SJ and Fr Roger Haight SJ Two American Jesuits recently discussed the genius of the Spiritual Exercises in an interview with America magazine.  Fr Roger Haight SJ and Fr James Martin SJ recently published books on the Exercises.  Fr Haight's book, Christian Spirituality for Seekers, was published this summer, and Fr Martin's “The Jesuit Guide to (Almost) Everything is now out in paperback.  Read more.

Conference Calendar
Dec 20, 2012 to Jan 2, 2013

In this issue

  • A message at Christmas
  • Missioned to the Conference
  • EAPI sets up Centre for Effective Mission
  • Timor Leste school on track to open in January
  • World’s oldest teacher
  • Suffering for Christ
  • Jesuits in Micronesia
  • Catholic Shanghai
  • Whither the way in education
  • Moving the tides of education in Ranong
  • Searching for a state to belong to
  • The Ignatian Way

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JCAP eNews November 2012

From the President

Structures for mission

Fr Mark Raper SJIn September, the six Conference Presidents gathered in Rome for their annual meeting with Fr General. Although we came from very different parts of the world, we could experience much in common in our roles of service to the Society’s global mission. Read more

Forming Jesuits for our time

dynamics of Jesuit formationRectors and Formation delegates across the Conference of Asia Pacific gathered in Manila recently to discuss how to form Jesuits for the needs and contexts of the globalized, interconnected world we live in today.  Read more
From the Provinces

Xavier relic on pilgrimage of grace in Australia

veneration of Xavier relic

A relic of St Francis Xavier has begun a three-month “Pilgrimage of Grace” in Australia.  The relic is Xavier’s right forearm, which has been kept in the Church of the Gesu, the Society’s mother Church in Rome for the past 400 years. Read more

From the Provinces

Promoting the First Spiritual Exercises

First Spiritual Exercises prison pix

The Christian Life Community in Australia has made giving and promoting the First Spiritual Exercises an apostolic work.  For the last six years, the First Spiritual Exercises have been given in Australia and Malaysia, by Jesuit, religious and lay teams in parishes, spirituality centres and other groups. Read more

Jesuit Formation

Think greenly, act locally
Billy Aryo Nugroho SJReconciliation with Creation is a priority for the Society of Jesus and a key concern of the Indonesian Province.  Scholastic Billy Aryo Nugroho SJ reports on a Go Green course that was conducted for Jesuit scholastics in Jakarta. Read more

Other Jesuit News

do believe, but help the little faith I have
Year of Faith logoIn a letter to Major Superiors on the occasion of the launch of the Year of Faith, Fr General Adolfo Nicolás, superior general of the Society of Jesus, welcomed the Holy Father’s call “to focus more explicitly on the gift of faith, and the witness and service we give to it”. Read more


Rev Fr Ismael G. Zuloaga SJ, November 2, 1927 to October 8, 2012
Ismael Zuloaga SJWe know that death comes to everyone, nothing is more certain. Yet somehow, Zulo has been with us forever and why should that change?  Yet death, so common, so utterly usual, normal, has come to claim him and to surprise us.   Even in his diminishment these last 5 or 7 years the essential Zulo was ever present.  Read more

Conference Calendar
Dec 20, 2012 - Jan 02, 2013

In this issue

  • Structures for mission
  • Forming Jesuits for our time
  • Xavier relic on pilgrimage of grace in Australia
  • Re-imagining the Filipino soul and story in education
  • Loikaw - a timeless land
  • Loikaw Church - a journey of faith
  • Promoting the First Spiritual Exercises
  • Leading for mission
  • “Greening” Jesuit houses in the Philippines
  • Think greenly, act locally
  • I do believe, but help the little faith I have
  • Fr General on New Evangelisation
  • Rev Fr Ismael G. Zuloaga SJ, November 2, 1927 to October 8, 2012

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JCAP eNews Bulletin June 2012

Fr Matthias Chae SJ: Requiescat in pace

Fr Matthias ChaeFr Matthias Joon-ho Chae SJ died suddenly, aged 57, on April 1 in his hometown, Daegu, in Korea. Fr Matthias oversaw the rapid expansion of the Society in Korea during the last 20 years. On completing his PhD in counseling in the USA, he was appointed Formation Delegate for the Korean Region.

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