Governance of Natural Resources

Providing villagers with access to clean water

In the two years since it was set up, Jesuit Social Service (JSS) in Timor-Leste has embarked on several projects to promote community development and empower the poor to become self-sufficient.  Water and sanitation is one of four priority areas and a key project aims to provide communities with access to clean water.

Justice in Mining Network launches global mining survey

The Justice in Mining Network is conducting a survey of mining activity and related issues in communities where Jesuits have a presence either individually or through institutions. The survey, which is open to Jesuits and Jesuit institutions, seeks to identify the key concerns around mining and its related impacts in areas where there is a Jesuit presence. 

Learning from the Experiment

Fr Benny Juliawan SJ, Social Apostolate Coordinator of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, shares a reflection on the recent Networking for Justice meeting in Loyola, Spain. 


Transformative education and social engagement have great synergy

How we manage our natural resources on this planet, and do so in an inclusive way, is the challenge of present and coming generations.  A three-day conference on Transformative Land and Water Governance held in the Philippines in May sought to address this challenge.

Reconciliation with Creation in Disaster Preparedness and Recovery

There were 187 natural disasters in 2013.  Approximately 30,000 people died as a result of these, and millions were injured or displaced.  The levels of suffering, however, are beyond anything that numbers can portray, and our compassion needs to go beyond emergency relief to ensuring that we do not continue to contribute to such disasters.

A Sense of Sacred Ecology

Care of the environment is an integral part of the Jesuit mission. It touches the core of our faith in and love for God, making it impossible for us to watch passively as the drive to access sources of energy and other natural resources increasingly damages the earth, air, water, threatening the future of our planet. Poisoned water, polluted air, widespread deforestation, deposits of atomic and toxic waste are causing death and untold suffering.

Chut Wutty’s light

Once in a while, someone comes along and flashes a light on things that make others uncomfortable. May we never exchange light for darkness.

Death in the forest

Seeking eco-justice

Two Jesuit organisations collaborating on eco-justice recently had the opportunity to learn from one of the world’s leading experts on managing the impact of climate change.  At a meeting in Australia in March, Professor Ottmar Georg Edenhofer shared his insights on the impact of induced technological change on mitigation costs and mitigation strategies, as well as the design of instruments for climate change and energy policy with Julie Edwards, CEO of Jesuit Social Services (JSS) in Australia, and Iris Legal of Environmental Science for Social Change (ESSC) in the Philippines.

Continued protest to the Four Rivers project

Work is proceeding on the controversial Four Rivers Restoration Project despite Church and popular protest.  Fr Mun-su Park SJ, Director, Jesuit Research Center for Advocacy and Solidarity presents the background of the project that is destroying the ecology integrity of the affected area and reflects on the prophetic meaning of the protest.

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