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Diversity was something we celebrated

Philippine Jesuit Provincial Fr Antonio Moreno SJ was a member of the first Arrupe International Residence community. As AIR celebrates its 25th anniversary, he shares some of graces and challenges of living in the multicultural Jesuit house of formation that AIR was established to be.


Warmly welcomed halfway across the world

Fr Ignatius Tambudzai SJ of the Zimbabwe-Mozambique Jesuit Province is one of the newest members of the community in Arrupe International Residence in the Philippines. He shares this reflection on his first months living with Jesuits from different parts of the world in this international house of formation as it celebrates its 25th year.


Celebrating 25 years as an international house of formation

This year marks the 25th year of the establishment of Arrupe International Residence (AIR) as a formation house in Manila for Jesuit scholastics across Asia Pacific.  The house was built in 1990 when Fr Daven Day SJ was President of what was then the Jesuit Conference of East Asia and Oceania. It grew from a felt need for a common Juniorate in this part of Asia and began as a house for philosophers, theologians and a couple of juniors.

Loyola School of Theology celebrates Golden Jubilee

The Philippine Jesuit Province celebrates this year the Golden Jubilee of its theologate which, in the five decades since it was established, has contributed to the intellectual and spiritual growth of 17 bishops, about 1,200 priests, 1,500 religious sisters and brothers, and 800 laypeople. 

Being part of building Timor-Leste

Australian scholastic Andy Nguyen SJ is putting his training as an architect to good use in Timor-Leste, where he is doing the second year of the Regency stage of his formation. He is coordinating the various Jesuit design and construction projects in the country. He shares this reflection of his experience since arriving in the country in April this year.

Looking back on the Arrupe Month

Korean Jesuit Mincheol Kim was ordained deacon on September 5. Before his ordination, he went to Taiwan for his Arrupe Month, a period of reflection and discussion that prepares Jesuit scholastics for ordination. He shares three fruits of his Arrupe Month experience from July 16 to August 8.

A first conjoint Arrupe Month for the “chopsticks” Jesuit Provinces

To foster collaboration at various levels between the Chinese, Japanese and Korean Jesuit Provinces, the three provincials have decided to set up an annual conjoint summer Arrupe Month. The first conjoint Arrupe Month was held from July 16 to August 8, 2015 at the newly built Franciscan spirituality centre in the small and quiet historical township of Daxi in Taiwan, 30 km south of Taipei.

My God becomes bigger and bigger

Taiwanese Scholastic Aloysius Hsu SJ shares his experience of Vipassana Meditation and the 2015 East Asia Theological Encounter Programme (EATEP) held from July 22 to August 17 in Chiang Mai, Thailand. EATEP is a programme of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific that provides Jesuits in formation with opportunities to deepen their dialogue with other faiths, particularly Buddhism, and to enrich their perspectives on theology in Asia. 

New Jesuit priests in Hong Kong, Macau, Taiwan and China

From May to August, the Chinese Jesuit Province saw four Jesuits from three countries ordained to the priesthood in ceremonies held in its four territories.  A Jesuit from Burundi was also ordained to the diaconate during this period. 

John Joseph Zhang SJ was ordained priest in northern China during the Easter Season. He has been assigned to Casa Ricci Social Services in Macau.

Brothers by blood and by vocation

In the front row pews during evening mass at the Church of St Ignatius in Singapore on July 26, family members gathered to celebrate the ordination to the priesthood of two not-so-young Jesuits.  It would be typical to see both men seated amidst their respective families ready in turn to offer them up to the rest of the Church. What was not so typical was that it was just one family – with both Jesuits seated on either side of the same mother, and among the same siblings and relatives – supporting them into the service of ordained ministry.

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