A chance to love

Justin Claravall SJ, a scholastic from the California Jesuit Province, now part of Jesuits West, spent a year as a prison chaplain with the Philippine Jesuit Prison Service Foundation as part of the Regency stage of his formation.  He shares this reflection.

From Kasait to Raynouard

Often, our mission is not only the aim of our efforts, but also the instrument of our own formation. We are formed for the mission, by the mission, in the mission. At least, that was how I felt about my regency in East Timor.

He knew where his heart was

Filipino scholastic Richard Fernando SJ lived in Arrupe International Residence (AIR) from 1994 to 1995. He went to Cambodia for his Regency, and died in Banteay Prieb at the age of 26 while trying to prevent a student from releasing a grenade at the vocational institute. As AIR celebrates its Silver Jubilee, we remember one of the house’s martyrs.

Being part of building Timor-Leste

Australian scholastic Andy Nguyen SJ is putting his training as an architect to good use in Timor-Leste, where he is doing the second year of the Regency stage of his formation. He is coordinating the various Jesuit design and construction projects in the country. He shares this reflection of his experience since arriving in the country in April this year.

The joy in the struggle

Timorese Scholastic Edgerio Martins SJ spent five years in India studying for his undergraduate degree in visual communication and graduate degree in philosophy at Loyola College, Chennai. He recently returned home for his Regency. He shares here some of the challenges he faced during his time in India and how he found beauty and strength in his struggle.  

Arrupe Residence and the Parable of the Sower

American Jesuit scholastic David Romero began his Regency in the Philippines, working with Casa Bayanihan and living in the Arrupe International Residence where the community comprises Jesuits of 15 nationalities. His year in AIR left him with a profound sense of gratitude to God for giving him and the others in the community the chance to share their lives together and for what he has learned from these relationships.

Side bar: Additional formation programmes

Group work at the Scholastics and Brothers Circle meeting 2014 to 2015Basic Jesuit formation is long. Although it varies from Jesuit to Jesuit, some take as many as 13 years to become a priest, and then several more years after ordination to reach tertianship, which is the last stage of Jesuit formation.

Preparing Jesuits for Mission

Planning at the Xavier Jesuit School ProjectAt the very heart of the Jesuit vocation lies a personal commitment to follow the call of Jesus to work through him, with him and in him at the service of the Kingdom of God, which grows anywhere love and justice flourish: “Follow me and I will make you into fishers of men” (Mk 1: 17).

Vietnamese scholastics prepare for ministry in media

Having made communication one of the Province’s priority missions, the Jesuit Vietnam Province has been sending scholastics to media outlets across the world for the Regency stage of their formation, during which they work for two or more years in a ministry. Stephen Tran Thien Kinh SJ and Anthony Nguyen Van Loi SJ are two of these Vietnamese scholastics.  They were assigned to Union of Catholic Asian News (UCAN), the leading independent Catholic news source in Asia, where they hope to acquire skills in media that will prepare them for ministry in their Province.

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