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New President named for the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific

Fr General Arturo Sosa has appointed Fr Antonio F Moreno to succeed Fr Mark Raper as the next President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.  Fr Moreno, who is currently Provincial of the Philippine Jesuit Province, will assume office within the next six months. 

JCAP's 2016 annual report now available online

In our latest annual report, we look back on a year of key milestones throughout the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific, recall the Pope’s visit to the Philippines, review the history of the Arrupe International Residence, continue our dialogue with Buddhism, and learn about the impact of the Spiritual Exercises in China.  Also, JCAP President Fr Mark Raper SJ reflects on the Conference’s growth and the importance of collaboration in mission. 

Hope amidst challenges

The Jesuit Conference exists to promote cooperation for the Jesuit mission to serve a faith that does justice. This is a daunting undertaking in our region given the depth and diversity of cultures, languages and customs, given the disparities of wealth and power and given the distractions and spread of consumerist lifestyles.

Living and Acting with Anger and Courage

JCAP Major Superiors in Davao, Philippines 2014 “Hope,” remarked St Augustine, “has two beautiful daughters. Their names are anger and courage: anger at the way things are and courage to see that they do not remain the way they are.”  Courage teaches us to be angry in ways that are fruitful.

President's Report - The Conference in 2011

During the year that passed an unprecedented sequence of natural hazards turned into disasters for many communities in Asia Pacific. At the same time new frontiers and challenges opened for our mission, and for this we give thanks to God.

As Ignatius Would

Ignatius Loyola’s gift to the Church was about choice: how to make the best decision in our lives. In the celebrations for Ignatius Loyola the readings speak of choice and of the mission that follows the choice.  Ignatius invites us to say ‘no’ to the self that is focused on itself: the surface self, the small, fearful, insecure self.  By contrast the Gospel reveals the sacred, unique, individual self, the person created and sustained in life by God, loved as a son and daughter, whom Jesus wants to be saved. 

Jesuit Education in Timor Leste

The Society of Jesus has administered Colégio de São José at the request of the Bishop of Dili since 1993. However, CSJ is and continues to be a school of the Diocese of Dili.  Direction of CSJ will revert to the Dili Diocese at the end of 2011, but our work in education in Timor Leste will continue.  

Fr Mark Raper SJ has issued a statement in Timor Leste regarding the Society’s position on Jesuit education in the country.

Presentation to Melbourne Chairs

This is Fr Mark's presentation to the Melbourne Chairs.

JCAP President's Schedule for November - December 2010

Nov 04 – 12In Rome, 30th Anniversary of JRS and Pedro Arrupe Lecture
Nov 14 – 30In Manila, Arrupe Residence Anniversary events and Visitation
Dec 02 – 05In Hong Kong, Ignatian Symposium
Dec 06 – 14Annual Retreat
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