From his mystical experiences, Ignatius of Loyola discovered that God can be found in all things, in all events, in every moment. Learning to listen to the movements of his heart, he was led to a profound faith in Jesus, and he invited others to journey along the path he trod. Generations later we call this path ‘Ignatian Spirituality’. It is a pilgrim’s path, a way that respects each person’s life journey, but profoundly challenges the pilgrim to hear, to decide and to journey onwards.

Following the example of St Ignatius, Ignatian spirituality centres on the imitation of Jesus, focusing on those priorities which constitute Christ's mind, heart, values, priorities and loves. To learn what those values, priorities and loves are, Ignatius would encourage us to consider what Jesus said and did. At the foundation of Jesus' life was prayer, a continuous search for how best to live as an authentic human being before a loving God.

Ignatian spirituality stresses the need to take time to reflect and to pray in order to find out how God wants us to serve him. This active commitment to seeking God's will is called discernment.

Apart from the principles in the Jesuit Constitutions, the primary expression of Ignatian spirituality is St Ignatius’ book of The Spiritual Exercises. The Exercises are the basis of a variety of retreats and courses offered for clergy, religious and lay people.

Within our Jesuit Conference, Jesuit retreat houses and spirituality centres can be found in Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore, Taiwan and Thailand. 

List of Jesuit retreat houses and spirituality centres in the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.

There are also many Jesuit retreat houses and spirituality centres in continental Europe, the United Kingdom and the United States

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Jesuit Retreat Houses and Spirituality Centres

Jesuit Retreat Houses and Spirituality Centres - Mirador - Photo by Kenneth Rayco

Within the Conference

  • St. Francis Xavier Spirituality Centre
    27 Peak Rd. Cheung Chau,
    N.T. Hong Kong
    Tel: 852-2981-0342
    Mail: xaviersj [at] netvigator [dot] com
  • Manresa Centre of Spirituality
    40 Alley, 1, Lane 2, Ta Pu Rd.,
    Changhua, Taiwan 50073
    Tel: 886-4-712-2259
    Mail: manresatw [at] seed [dot] net [dot] tw
  • Ignatian Spirituality Centre
    22 Sec. 1 Hsin Hai Rd.,
    Taipei, Taiwan 10089
    Tel: 886-2-2364-6400
    Mail: twignatian [at] yahoo [dot] com [dot] tw
  • Christ the King Retreat House and Puspita Spirituality Centre
  • Civita Youth Camp Retreat House
  • Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Retreat House
  • Lay Formation Centre
  • Centre of Spirituality for Western Japan
  • Jesuit Spirituality Centre
  • Retreat House of Martyrs of Japan
  • Retreat House of St Paul Miki

Other Parts of the World

Sites on Spirituality and Prayer

Sites on Prayer

Ways of praying by Gerald Fitzgibbon SJ - http://freespace.virgin.net/g.fitzgibbon/

Daily Prayer

Sacred Space — Produced by the Irish Jesuits. Sacred Space is designed to help busy people in their offices have a meaningful experience of prayer via the internet.  It offers a daily 10-minute prayer session, in six stages, centred on a scripture passage and based on the tradition of Ignatian spirituality. Sacred Space attracts over five million visits annually and is now produced in some 20 languages.

Pray-as-you-go — A daily prayer session in MP3 format that can be downloaded for use on a computer or a portable MP3 player.   It combines some of the world's most beautiful spiritual music with a reading from the scriptures and some questions for personal reflection. Pray-as-you-go is the perfect way to build a habit of regular prayer into a busy day, and the perfect antidote to the hassle and stress of the life of the average commuter!

Daily Scripture Reflections — Reflections on the readings of the day written by members of the Creighton University community.

Liturgy of the Hours — Join in the Church’s prayer using this site which provides the daily office in .pdf (Adobe Acrobat) format. 

Prego — Reflections on next Sunday’s readings for prayer group sessions or personal refection. PREGO is a weekly scripture resource produced by the St Beuno's Outreach Group led by Fr Damian Jackson SJ of the St Beuno’s Ignatian Spirituality Centre in North Wales.