April 2017

New Regional Superior for the Jesuits in Timor-Leste

Fr General Arturo Sosa SJ has appointed  Fr Joaquim Francisco da Silva Sarmento SJ as the new Regional Superior of the Jesuit Independent Region of Timor-Leste.  He will take over from Fr Mark Raper SJ who has served as Acting Regional Superior for more than six years while concurrently serving as President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.

New project to help boys and men flourish

International Jesuit leader Fr Arturo Sosa has expressed his support for a new Jesuit Social Services programme aimed at tackling violence and helping men and boys build better relationships with those around them.

Jesuit Social Services CEO Julie Edwards announced the new programme, The Men’s Project, at the organisation’s annual dinner on March 25, which also celebrated the organisation’s 40th anniversary.

The Men’s Project aims to help boys and men live responsible, accountable and healthy lives, and build loving relationships with those around them.

Passing over, the Easter journey

From Good Friday to Easter: what contrasts!  From darkness to light, death to life, loss to discovery, despair to hope, defeat to victory, fasting to feasting. At Easter we “pass over”; we let go of the old and strive to embrace the new. During Lent we tried to become free from self-centredness and false hopes.

Charting a new course for the migration network

The word “discernment” has become all the rage within Jesuit circles following the 36th General Congregation. Fr General Arturo Sosa has even appointed a special counsellor to oversee the process of discernment and apostolic planning in the Society.  So it was fitting that the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific’s (JCAP) migration network examined the journey so far and charted a new course at its fourth annual meeting held in Tokyo from March 23 to 26.  A new plan for the future was called for.

Embracing diversity in spirituality

It was a celebration of spiritual and cultural diversity as representatives of different faith traditions came together for the launching of Sacred Springs, a dialogue institute of spirituality and sustainability located in the Loyola School of Theology (LST) in Manila.

A mini-forest to offset the carbon footprint of GC 36

Across the world from Rome, a mini-forest is growing to help offset the carbon footprint of the 36th General Congregation (GC 36).  As the 215 delegates from 62 countries met in the aula of GC 36 last October, members of Jesuit Service Cambodia and Banteay Prieb, a Jesuit vocational school for persons with disabilities, planted 400 seedlings of native hardwood trees, including several locally endangered species, on one-hectare of land owned by the Jesuits near the school.

Fr Riyo Mursanto SJ to be Rector of Arrupe International Residence

Fr General Arturo Sosa has appointed Indonesian Jesuit Fr Riyo Mursanto as Rector of Arrupe International Residence in the Philippines.  Fr Riyo takes over from Filipino Jesuit Fr Renato Repole who has been Rector since February 2011. 

Fr Riyo is no stranger to Arrupe Residence where he lived for three years when he was Socius to Fr Adolfo Nicolás, who was then President of the Jesuit Conference of Asia Pacific.  He was also responsible for the Juniorate programme during that time.